Womens' Suffrage Centennial 1993

The Stratford District Council celebrated this by making a new park with Camellia trees. People were encouraged to nominate a woman to be remembered with a tree. Each person to be remembered had a story written about them and these will all be put into a book. Noreen CAMPBELL thought this was a good idea, and with the help of her sister Bidge and cousin-in-law Grace, three women in our family have been remembered. The stories of the lives of these remarkable women follow here.

Person to be remembered:

Sarah Ann GATTON (nee MARSH)

Nominated by: Noreen CAMPBELL (nee FOLEY)

Person to be remembered:

Nellie, Helena Marie MANNING (Nee GATTON)

Nominated by: Grace Mulcock (Manning)

Person to be remembered:

Beatrice Ivy FOLEY (nee GATTON)

Nominated by: Marjorie Sotheran (nee Foley)

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